Control Card – 3PA


  • Product Code: VCTLMONETH03S00
  • Controllability of PAs: 3 (TTL Enable/Disable)
  • 8 bit – ADC: 3 Forward power(0-3V max), 3 Reflected power(0-3V max), 3 Thermal (0-3V max)
  • Power:22-28 VDC (D type Connector)
  • Dimension: 102 x 53 mm(PCB)
  • Interface: LAN
  • Packaging: PCB/Milled Block(Optional)


The controller card can be integrated with 3 different Power amplifiers. Each PA can be supported with measurement of Forward, Reflected Power, and Temperature. Each power amplifier can be controlled separately, and the Data can be obtained via an Ethernet interface to a PC.